You’ve got an uncle in The Music Business… Uncle Cal!

From his first foray as a young teen into the world of entertaining people with his passion for music, he has evolved into the multi-faceted phenomenon who many today know and love as Uncle Cal; Your Uncle in the Music Business.

Ever since he can remember Uncle Cal has been exposed to music, to musicians and to show business and he remains on a constant quest to not only develop his love for music and entertainment, but to passionately share that love with everyone else.

Uncle Cal The DJ

Since starting his record collection at the tender age of 12 years old, using his saved-up pocket money to buy his first full length LP Record album and a few 45rpm 7” singles, the young Cal got his first club gig at the age of 14 after lying about his age to get into a club so he could watch the resident DJ who inspired him so much that he knew he had found his calling.

Now being one of the favorite DJ’s of many a music lover is only one single facet of Uncle Cal having evolved from someone who plays records to an Entertainment Industry Brand.

The unforgettably phenomenal experience when the Afro Ninja emerges in his Kung Fu outfit, his Curly Disco Afro hairstyle and a pair of Space Age Sunglasses to entertain passengers at a Retro Theme Party aboard a Luxury Cruise Liner or the fact that he is annually recalled to perform at major festivals and massive music events playing to huge crowds are due to his interactive style with the audiences and patrons, making him instantly recognizable as a major force in entertainment.

 At the opening of the 2013 Cape Town International Jazz Festival in the Cape Town CBD he entertained and mesmerized over 6 000 people on Greenmarket Square to massive public acclaim.

Some of his major highlights include sharing the stage with artists like Zahara, The Arrows, Emo Adams as well as Dr Victor and The Rasta Rebels amongst others at the Switching on of The Lights Festival held on The Cape Town Grand Parade to a 60 000 mass crowd.

His performances at high profile events have since then also endeared him to the media with him regularly appearing on the front pages or featuring in the entertainment supplements of a variety of newspapers and online publications.

His growing number of appearances on television as his star continues to rise has gained him even more popularity and Uncle Cal is among some the most recognized characters on social media.

Uncle Cal on Radio

Venturing into the sphere of radio presenting was a natural progression and with his Flashback Radio show on Bush Radio 89.5 FM which at the time aired every Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm he continued to garner a huge following for himself on the airwaves.

In essence, much like in his live performances, you were bound to hear rare grooves and classic tracks that you would not easily encounter on commercial radio or conventional nightclub sets.

As a result of his unique programming style he was awarded best national community radio presenter at the inaugural National Community Radio awards in 2017 which was held in Bloemfontein.

Uncle Cal has since moved into the sphere of radio syndication and created The Uncle Cal Xperience which is broadcast on Bush Radio 89.5 FM in Cape Town and KC 107.7 FM in Boland every Saturday from 18h00 to 22h00.

Along with the two FM radio stations, The Uncle Cal Xperience also gets broadcast on The Wave which is a fast-growing online radio streaming service with listeners all across South Africa and around the world. From the very first instalment on the platform created by famous radio personality Clarence Ford, listeners from as far away as the California, USA were messaging the show on its dedicated WhatsApp line.

The lockdown restrictions that have been in place since early 2020 due the Covid pandemic meant that live events could no longer be held with large crowds in attendance.

Thus, The Uncle Cal Xperience also started featuring a Live Streaming component from time to time on Uncle Cal’s various social media platforms called The Huisjol (The Houseparty).

The Huisjol is basically a call to frustrated inhabitants to create a club atmosphere in their homes as a means of escapism from the current socio-economic issues that’s prevailing in the “new normal”.

In addition to his syndicated radio show, Uncle Cal has slots and makes guest appearances on other online radio platforms.